Diet and Fitness - Take Control of Your Sex Life by Building a Better Butt

Diet and fitness go hand in hand with the health of your sex life. Obesity, poor blood pressure, irregular hormone and gland production are all symptoms of poor level of fitness. These conditions also negatively affect your ability to function well sexually. Impotence and arousal can be seriously diminished if you have any of these conditions. Beyond being able to function well sexually, there is our more primal concern with being able to attract those we find attractive. You have to work with what your momma gave you. Whether you're a man or a woman we all love a great butt. You want to look better? Then get out there and shake your moneymaker! Work that body! Work that butt! Pretty soon you'll find heads turning your way.

Plan your work and work your plan. A great butt rarely comes by accident or just good genetics. Many people will say so-and-so has great genetics, but usually that is just a cop out so they don't have to work at it themselves. You want a great butt, it starts with a good fitness routine.

Move your legs! Walk, hike, run, sprint, climb stairs, do anything that gets your legs moving. Do some sort of walk or run a few times (three or four) a week. The next question is how long do I do walk or run? It all depends on the intensity. If you are going for a brisk walk (low intensity) then walk for an hour. If you are going for a jog (medium intensity), then go for thirty to forty minutes. If you are doing a sprint program or intervals (high intensity) it should take no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes.

Get your legs strong! Squats, lunges, and deadlifts are a must. I know they are hard. You know they are hard. They'll also give you a nice firm butt. Nothing will give you as good a butt as these exercises. Look on the upside. You won't spend so much time looking for jeans that you look good in because you'll look good in all of them.

As mentioned at the start your diet and fitness routine go hand in hand. Having a great butt doesn't do you much good if no one can see it under a layer of fat. Watch what you eat. That doesn't mean starve yourself. Eat four to five small meals a day. Eat small portions. Drink lots of water (2 to 3 litres). Have your last meal three to four hours before bed. Don't ever miss breakfast. And minimize or avoid entirely high calorie drinks (pop, juice, full-fat milk, alcohol). Then watch the fat melt off.

There is an added benefit to weight loss and getting fit. Your face will look better as your cheekbones come out. Your abs will start to show. You'll feel more confident. You'll walk taller, smile more, and generally be in a better mood. All these things will make you more attractive as well as your newly built butt. So the next time you want to ask that special someone out for a drink, dinner, or a date don't be surprised when they say, "Yes."